Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Empire State Fashion Show Previews!

Hi all,

Last night was the Empire State Fashion Show, where the 2010 collection, "ROUGH/REFINE" was unveiled, also our first fashion show.

Evelyn & Dorothy hanging out backstage

Evelyn gets ready....check out Numi Empire's fabulous hairpiece.

Realize rocking one of my new cage skirt designs, available now on etsy.

Thanks for all the amazing behind-the-scenes previews from the masterful Carbon Decay.

Big thanks to Designs by LJ and Nicole , Numi Empire, the wig mistress and all of my lovely models.

More to come....stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Luxe Vs. Less-Harness Chic

In-keeping with the current mode of "recessionista chic", I'll be posting items from a new installment: luxe vs. less. While I'd personally love to spend top-dollar on all of the most beautiful pieces in the finest materials sometimes that is just not possible. Other times it is completely possible to get a very similar piece of wonderful quality for a fraction of the cost. We'll let you be the judge. Happy bargin-hunting!


Skingraft's leather "flight harness", $200

Audra Jean's leather "Lucille Brown" underbust harness, $69.00

Even less:
Clockwork Couture's "Steampunk Harness" in faux letter, $24.95

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DIY Central: Rodarte Inspired Shoes Update

Hi all,

Remember that fun tutorial I posted last year to create a custom pair of Rodarte heels?

Well, it looks like someone has envisioned a high-tech update with even more beautiful details.

Check it out at the lovely Chic Steals blog.

In other news, the lovely Lara is in the process of knitting me some of those crazy tights to match. I smell a new project!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tatterdemalion Designs now available at Clockwork Couture

You can now purchase our famous ruffle collars at Clockwork Couture, including one design in an EXCLUSIVE brown/white steampunk colorway! All designs carried by Clockwork Couture are vegan-friendly.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Mark your calendars...it's the Black Friday Sale at Tatterdemalion Designs!

November 27th-29th all merchandise is 15% off! Discount will be reflected in the listings. The perfect time to get a custom-made holiday gift for a loved one!

Only at our etsy shop.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"The End of an Era"-Spring 2010 Collection Preview

So, here's a preview shot from the spring 2010 collection, "The End of an Era". We styled this one like an editorial, mixing an matching elements to achieve our end result. There will be more "straight catalog" too of course.

Skirt is by Tatterdemalion Designs (http://tatterdemaliondesigns.com/), blouse is an antique.

Photo: H. James Hoff (http://www.hjameshoff.com/)
Model: Esmeray (http://missesmeray.com/
Hair: Numi Empire (http://www.numiempire.com/
Makeup: Designs by LJ (http://www.designsbylj.net

Monday, October 26, 2009

Engel wearing "Seduction in Stripes" by Red Sky Photo

Here's a spiffy new shot of Engel wearing a "Seduction in Stripes" collar and one of our heart eyepatches (new on etsy!).