Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter 2009/Spring 2010 Collection is coming this November!

Hello all!

Very exciting news over here at the Tatterdemalion studio. Almost ready to release our holiday 2009/spring 2010 collection and there are some beautiful things in the works. Get ready for.....

"End of an Era"-Holiday 2009/Spring 2010

1. A bustier that actually FITS! Yes, we slaved away on this one and tried it on many real girls. It will be available in fiberglass or steel boning.
2. A gorgeous neo-Victorian skirt with lots of swags and drapery.
3. 2 sumptuous new jackets
4. Our first dress design!
5. Some brand new colorways....we'll have beautiful jewel tones and darks (sapphire blue, classic black, our signature gray) as well as some "steampunk"-inspired pieces.
6. Brand new accessories.

Stay tuned for our holiday releases and coming later this year a spring 2010 preview.

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